10 Options For Restless Leg Syndrome Natural Treatment

By on November 5, 2014

People who are suffering from restless leg syndrome should take prescription medications to keep the symptoms under control.

But before taking any kind of prescription medications or antibiotics, it is suggested to follow some Restless Leg Syndrome natural treatment options as they have no side effects.

Here are some Restless Leg Syndrome natural treatment options

Regular physical activity

Restless Leg Syndrome Natural TreatmentRegular physical activity is very essential for patients with RLS. Whether it is just walking for half an hour or performing few calf stretches, it is highly recommended to have some physical activity regularly. Remember that you should avoid strenuous exercises before going to bed.

Consume iron-rich foods

Foods such as liver, dark green leafy vegetables, kidney beans, wheat germs and lean beef are rich in iron. As we all know that iron is a part of myoglobin molecule, a protein to help store oxygen in the muscles until it is needed.

When you are lack of iron, myoglobin can’t hold enough oxygen and there is a possibility to develop various muscle problems.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine drinks in the evening. Alcohol and caffeine contain some products that can stimulate the nerves and muscles in the legs. Several studies showed that smokers are more likely to develop RLS when compared to non-smokers.

Cold and Sinus Medications

Avoid taking cold and sinus medications as they can make RLS symptoms even worse.

Relaxation Techniques

Practice relaxation techniques after you get into the bed. A calming ritual known as progressive muscle relaxation is a very helpful form of exercise for people with RLS. Take deep breath for few minutes, then tense the muscles in your feet.

Try to hold this tension for few seconds and then slowly relax. Then tense your calf muscles, hold and gently relax. Then repeat the same with your thigh muscles. Repeat this tensing and relaxing pattern and work with your upper body to the neck and facial muscles.


Magnesium deficiency is the most noticeable cause of restless leg syndrome. So, enough magnesium is required to push excess calcium out of the cells so that smooth muscles can relax.

Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle tightening, involuntary jerks, Charlie horses and twitches. As it is difficult to get all the required magnesium from the foods, you can try for magnesium oil, Epsom salt baths or pico-ionic magnesium taken internally.

Bath Before Going To Bed

Take a bath before going to the bed. A warm bath or massage right before the bed time relaxes your muscles and therefore it is very helpful.

Cold Compress

Use heat or cold compress to get relief from restless leg. Some people can even get relief from ice packs and cold showers.

Chamomile Tea

Drink chamomile tea before going to bed. As chamomile induces sleep, you may feel less discomfort in your sleep.


Try a relaxing leg massage to help relieve the RLS symptoms.

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