11 Bad Sleep Habits That Are Affecting Your Sleep

By on July 17, 2015

There are a lot of people who are unable to have a good night’s sleep because they have certain bad sleep habits. Changing the bad sleeping habits can always help these people in making an immense difference in their sleep quality.

Bad sleep habits can include anything like the foods taken prior to going to bed or other listening to music while going to sleep.

People who have this strong desire of enjoying a healthy and a comfortable sleep during the night should try and get rid of their bad sleeping habits.

Common Bad Sleep Habits

Some of bad sleep habits that are stopping you from having better sleep have been explained below:

1. Lying Awake To Fall Asleep

This is one problem that people tend to suffer from and this is something that hampers their sleep quality. People in this sleep habit might have full chances of suffering from insomnia.

It is important for people to be very careful about this bad sleeping habit as they can easily start associating night hours with anxiety and stress.

2. Not Urinating Before Going To Bed

There are people who are not in the habit of urinating before going to sleep. This is another bad sleep habit that might cause sleeping problems. It is always important to urinate prior to going to bed as this will not disrupt your sleep at night.

3. Using Electronic Devices before Going to Bed

Busy people tend to use their computers or their phones while in bed. This is something that hinders them from sleeping. Apart from this, having stereo, lights or TV on can also make it very difficult to have a good sleep at night.

Bad Sleep Habits

4. Not Following A Scheduled Bedtime

Many people do not have a set bedtime due to which they tend to have problems in sleeping properly. Sleep hygiene is important be practiced in order to enjoy a good sleep.

This includes taking a shower, brushing the teeth and putting on the pajamas. People should also try and do something that relaxes their mind just before going to bed.

5. Bedroom Light

Having a bright light in your bedroom has a large impact on your sleep. It is best to sleep with no light in bedroom. And, if you cannot sleep without a light in your bedroom, then better sleep in dim light. Eye masks are useful in case of light in your bedroom is due to street light, etc.

6. Your Bedroom

Your bedroom environment is also important to have a good night sleep. As mentioned above apart from having dim or no light, bedroom should be calm and cool for enjoying good night sleep. If you cannot avoid noises around bedroom, use earplugs to reduce noise.

7. Bed Is Just For Sleep

Make sure that you use the bed only for sleep or sex. Do not work, or watch TV, etc on your bed. This will make your mind to think that bed is only for sleep and thus, you will fall asleep soon as you hit the bed. And also make your sleep a comfortable sleep by using comfortable bed, mattress, and pillow.

8. Having Caffeine

Caffeine is something that can keep you awake all throughout the night. However, there are people who are in the habit of drinking coffee as long as they are out of bed and even after having dinner.

9. Having Meals Before Bedtime

Having meals or snacks just before going to bed can also make you deprived of sleep. For having a better sleep, you should not eat meals or snacks at least 3 hours before bedtime.

10. Exercising Before Bedtime

It is always good to exercise regularly for keep the body fit and healthy. But, exercising before bedtime is not good for sleep. It will make you deprived to sleep. Exercising at least before 3 to 4 hours before bedtime is to be avoided to have better sleep.

11. Ticking Clock

When we are unable to sleep as we are anxious, and thinking vigorously about something, then the very next thing most of us do is looking at the clock. As soon as we look at the clock in such situation, a little calculation about remaining sleep time takes place in our mind.

Actually, this will even worsen the situation, and you may not fall asleep for more time. So, move clock out of your sight, and even any such distracting devices like telephone, gadgets, etc.

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