3 Commonly Used Methods of Sleep Study for Narcolepsy

By on October 15, 2013

Sleep Study for NarcolepsyNarcolepsy is a sleep disorder that makes you suddenly fall asleep during your general work, driving, talking and sometime while eating despite of the fact having slept for all night long.

To diagnose this disorder different physicians will perform different tests on the patient, few of them are sleep study, nap studies (multiple sleeps) and Hypo cretin Level Measurement.

Here are the most common procedures of sleep study for narcolepsy:

Polysomnogram as Sleep Study for Narcolepsy

Sleep study is scientifically termed as polysomnogram. It is typically performed in hospital’s sleeping centers that are specially designed for sleep study or in a hotel room or sometimes at patient home itself.

This sleep study is basically to record the behavior of patient’s different parts like waves of brain, heart rate, breath modulation, oxygen levels, etc while the patient is asleep. This study also has to observe the movements of the patient’s body parts like eyes, legs, hands and their positions.

It is very important to record a patient’s sleep history to study the condition and diagnose. Person with narcolepsy is asked to record the two-week sleep history by his or her physician so that the patient can be diagnosed with quality of sleep.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale as Sleep Study for Narcolepsy

It is a kind of sleep study test performed by questioning the person with narcolepsy symptoms. During this test, the patient is asked with the questions that are related to his daytime and the doctor will ask in different ways until he gets clarity for the answers.

It is performed using scale from zero to three. The resulting total score will be between 0-24. If a patient scores 0- 10, then it is termed as normal condition. If his or her total score is above 10, it needs further investigation.

Multiple Sleep Latency Test as Sleep Study for Narcolepsy

It is the sleep study performed during day time after the polysomnogram test is done. This test determines how long it takes for a narcolepsy patient to fall asleep during the time. While performing this test a patient is asked to have three or four naps for every two hours.

A healthy person takes 10-20 minutes to fall asleep whereas people who are suffering with narcolepsy take less than five minutes to fall asleep. Later he or she will be asked to record sleep history that include bed times, nap times and wake-up times.

Once the test is performed based on the results captured in the observation, the physician will advise the patient about the specific treatment or remedy. Test would typically involve a calm environment typically soothing and sleeping conditions.

The patient will be attached with wires to determine the body’s behavior and will be under full night observation by the sleep technologist. Test for Sleep-apnea, parasomnias, Narcolepsy, etc will be conducted in the similar manner.

This is not a very serious problem but sometimes it will affect the patient which leads to sleep apnea where it will stop patient for not breathing which is like supply of oxygen to lungs will be limited and hence turn to be dangerous.

Based on the results and the patients sleep history and his or her bed partner’s information, the sleep technologist will prescribe proper medications. Some of the medications provided will make the brain alert and do not make them asleep while they are performing some tasks or at work.

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