5 Android Apps For Coping With Jet lag On Long Trips

By on May 30, 2014

Planning for long overseas trips? Well, it is a great idea to explore new places around the world to make memorable moments.

But different time zones may also create hangovers or jet lags troubling you in your travel and stops you from having some fun.

Don’t worry… you can benefit from android apps to help overcome jet lag? Download these amazing android apps and make your trip enjoyable.

Stop Jet lag

Jet lag Android Apps - Stop Jet lag

Travel on long distances safely and confidently with Stop Jet Lag app. It is designed scientifically, safe and easy to monitor. It provides jet lag schedules automatically and advices you beat jet lag through some strategies.

It gives mobile alerts through resetting your time of food intake, melatonin supplements, exposure to bright light, and sleep time that match with your new time zone. This app is created by jet lag travel experts.

Stop Jet lag

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