5 Best Alarms For Sleepwalkers To Prevent Accidents They Face

By on February 19, 2015

Have you heard about somnambulism? In simple language this would mean sleep walking. In most cases, children sleepwalk. But sometimes adults also sleepwalk.

Sleepwalkers often met with accidents while walking in sleep. One of the best ways to protect the sleep walker is investing in one of the alarms for sleepwalkers.

Alarms for sleepwalkers would notify the family members that a person is sleep walking and prevent any accidents from occurring.

Best Alarms For Sleepwalkers

Some of the alarms for sleepwalkers which are easily available are as follows-

Wireless Doormat Chime from Swann Company

Alarms For Sleepwalkers - Swann Company

The Wireless Doormat Chime from Swann Company is a mat which is activated and can spot sleep walkers easily. The moment a person walks in the mat, a pressure is felt and this activates the alarm.

This alarm can be placed below a doormat or a carpet. This runs on a battery which can be charged easily and the unit can be mounted anywhere in the room.

Floor Mat Exit Alarm from Smart Caregiver

Alarms For Sleepwalkers - Smart Caregiver

Floor mat exit alarms are best suitable for elderly sleepwalkers. Many elderly people fall down during the night and sometimes may even sleep walk. The Floor Mat Exit-Alarm system has a mat and an exit alarm.

When using the alarm system you can reset the mode and a light from the system would indicate that it is working. You can hang the alarm using its hanging strap and this can be operated on 3-AA batteries.

Floor Mat Alarm Set from Secure

Alarms For Sleepwalkers - Secure

Floor mat alarm set is 24” x 60” alarming floor mat, which starts alarming as soon as the sleepwalker starts wandering. This temper proof floor mat should be placed in from of the door or beside bed or chair. As soon as the sleepwalker gets up the bed and places the foot on the mat, it starts alarming.

Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Motion Sensor from GE

Alarms For Sleepwalkers - GE

This is motion detecting device that can be also used for preventing accidents for sleepwalkers. This device detects motions at a distance of 40 feet, and within 110 degrees. As soon as the sleep walker starts wandering, it detects the motion and starts alarming.

Sleepwalker Alarm By TBO-Tech

Alarms For Sleepwalkers - TBO-Tech

This is one of the best alarms for sleepwalkers. This device tries to wake the sleepwalker from sleep with a loud alarm as soon as the sleepwalker tries to leave the room. This is device is to be hanged to the door knob of the sleepwalker.

When the sleepwalker touches the doorknob to move out of the room, it starts alarming with 120dbs of sound, which will definitely wake up the sleepwalker from sleep,

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