5 Best Baby Sleep Aids To Try

By on January 22, 2016

New parents will always agree with the fact that anything that comes as a help or the baby’s sleep is worth its cost. Babies can easily be soothed and settled by making use of different ingenious inventions which have made the lives of the parents easier.

Parents often have a tough time making their baby sleep and therefore it becomes important for parents to learn some techniques that can help them in patting their baby off to sleep. However, it is to be noted that babies always need some kind of assistance while sleeping and this comes in handy in the form of baby sleep aids.

Best Baby Sleep Aids

Here are the various baby sleep aids that you can use to make you baby sleep well:

Baby Sleep Aids


Swaddling is one of the best baby sleep aids for infants less than one month old. Swaddling the infants while they are wrapped in a blanket for security and warmth helps them in getting a better sleep. It calms down the infant and even keeps it from being awakened by its own reflex.


Though not a very good habit, thumb-sucking can actually help a baby in sleeping. This is one of the most acceptable methods for a child to comfort itself at bedtime or at almost anytime. Babies have this need to be breastfed or suckled and thumb-sucking would be a good sleeping aid for the.

Baby Massage

A good massage can be very relaxing for the baby encouraging the baby to calm down, relax and even prepare for a good sleep. Proper massages should always be given to babies because they go a long way in providing relief and in inducing sleep in babies.

Proper Bedtime Routine

Babies are about routine and if they know what comes in next for them, it can be calming and can help them in setting a stage for proper sleep. Feeding, cuddles, story and bath are some essential items that can be included in the bedtime routine.

Introducing a Lovey

Loveys serve as great sleep aids for babies. They are for the parents who are not immediate available to their babies during sleep. These do not replace a mother but actually serve as an extension of a mother’s caring and love.

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