5 Best Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better

By on July 10, 2015

You are not the only one to wish about getting a good sleep during the night. There are many people who suffer from different types of sleep disorders that have made life miserable for them.

Although, severe cases of sleep disorders require the services of a professional, the smaller problems like difficulty sleeping, off-sync sleep schedules and sleep deprivation are problems that can be solved with the use of modern technology.

If you tend to suffer from any of these sleeping problems, make use of the Gadgets to Help you Sleep.

Best Gadgets To Help You Sleep

Some of best gadgets to help you sleep better that you should try have been discussed below:

Misfit Beddit

Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better - Misfit Beddit

Misfit Beddit is an easy method of turning your bed into a complete smart bed. This is a very thin sensor pad which lies flat under the bed sheet and measures your movement during the night.

This gadget tracks different stages of sleep, wake times, snoring and sleep duration and sends this data to your smart phone.

For further details: Misfit Beddit

ResMed S+

Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better - ResMed S+

ResMed S+ is one of the best gadgets to help you sleep better. This is a contactless sleep sensor, which helps you have a good night sleep from the very first day of its use.

Sleep monitor, Smartphone app, and web-based app included with this device helps you in tracking and better understanding of sleep patterns. It keeps tabs on ambient noise, lighting, temperature and breathing.

For further details: ResMed S+

Hello Sense Sleep Tracker

Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better - Hello Sense Sleep Tracker

Sense sleep tracker is device which only tracks your sleep patterns, but also monitors your bedroom environment. By tracking your sleep patterns and your bedroom environment, this device reinvents alarms, and there by allows you have a better sleep.

Sense has two devices; first one is a sphere shaped device, which should be placed beside your bed, and the second one is a small device known as “Sleeping Pill”, which is to be attached to your pillow.

For Further Information: Hello Sense Sleep Tracker

Withings Aura

Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better - Withings Aura

Withings Aura comes with a very small in-bed sensor pad which tracks sleep duration, stages, wake ups and various other things.

This gadget can easily be programmed and it even includes a device which has been specifically designed for giving off a glow of light. This light will help you sleep and even wake up by the promotion of healthy sleep levels.

For further information: Withings Aura

SleepRate Sleep Improvement

Gadgets To Help You Sleep Better - SleepRate Sleep Improvement

SleepRate is another wonderful gadget that helps you to have better sleep. This kit has a heart rate sensor, which is to be worn across your chest and a Smartphone app, which connects wirelessly to the heart rate sensor.

With the help your heart rate, this device assesses the sleep quality, sleep interruptions, snoring and environmental noises. Based on the assessment of these things, it provides a sleep improvement plan for you.

For Further Details: SleepRate Sleep Improvement

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