5 Best Herbs That Help You to Sleep

By on July 4, 2014

Lack of enough sleep has great impact on your health!!If you suffer from restlessness and feeling not to take prescribed sleeping aids, then you must try out certain alternatives that our nature has given to us fortunately!!

They are nothing but herbs!! Yes, herbs act as natural sleeping aids and help you to fall asleep. Why late…Just try out these!!

California Poppy

Herbs for Sleep - California Poppy

California poppy is a natural sedative and makes natural herbal tea that helps you to shut your eyes as soon as you hit your bed. This is the proven natural alternative to prescription drugs to help patients sleep better.

It doesn’t have any dangerous side-effects as well as completely safe to use. To prepare a relaxing tea, mix 2 grams of this opium poppy (not opiate) in boiling water. It even has many other health benefits like relieving pains and nervousness.

Passion Flower

Herbs for Sleep - Passion Flower

Passionflower is a calming herb very helpful for those facing trouble sleep problems. If the reason for your sleeplessness is due to frequent wake ups in the night or stress or over work, then this herb is very safe and effective to induce sleep. You can try it as a tea.


Herbs for Sleep - Hops

Hops have been used for centuries traditionally for treating insomnia. It has good sleep enhancing effects along with sedative effect that help put the patient sleep quickly.

Hops are effective and important for insomniac patients who has long history of restlessness caused due to nerve weakness or worries. Pillows with hops are even better to use to enjoy good results of getting enough sleep.


Herbs for Sleep - Lavender

Being with sleep disorders is not a laughing issue! Can lavender help you ease trouble falling sleep? Yes, definitely it is an essential her band calming blend. It replaces the prescribed medicines as a tonic.

Taking lavender oil before you hit the bed helps magically to fall asleep soon. Lavender oil can also be recommended in different forms like massage oil, compress, or inhaled to stop sleep related problems.


Herbs for Sleep - Chamomile

Chamomile is a great natural remedy for your sleep problems related to any irritation or stress. Chamomile makes a delicious tea offering patients wonderful sleeping effects.

It is safe to use as well. Take bath by adding few drops of this sedative herb and calm down the agitated nerves before bed.

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