5 Best Sleep Talking App For Your Smartphone

By on November 21, 2014

Do you talk in your sleep? Whether you sleep talk, sleep walk or any other sleep problem, the quality and duration of sleep, as well as the phase of sleep you are in when you wake up, can make or break your day. So, it is better to take an action to get best night’s sleep.

Using apps is a great way to deal with your sleep talking disorder. Apps are also best for people who don’t want to use any gadgets for quality night’s sleep.

Best Sleep Talking App

Here are the best sleep talking app, which you can use for recording sleep talk:

1. Sleep as Android

Sleep Talking App - Sleep as Android

This app has really some interesting features, like the ability to record snoring or sleep talking. This app also offers you soothing nature voices that can help you with sound sleep.

For people like chronic over-sleepers, this app can even have the feature to set a CAPTCHA code, once you enter the captcha then only the alarm stops sounding.

You can download the app at:

Sleep as Android

2. SleepBot

Sleep Talking App - SleepBot

This sleep talking app help record your movements and sounds during the night and wake you up better each morning during light sleep. This app includes some really simple solutions to fall asleep or stay asleep. In this you can check the detailed motion/sound graphs to play back sleep talks, snores, etc.

You can download the app at:


3. Sleep Talk Mic

Sleep Talking App - Sleep Talk Mic

This app records what you talk during your sleep. Just activate the devise and open the app and run it for the whole night. It simply records what you murmur during your sleep.

You can download the app at:

Sleep Talk Mic

4. iDream Recorder

Sleep Talking App - iDream Recorder

Don’t you believe when your partner says that you talk during your sleep? If you are not sure and want to find it out, just use iDream recorder app. This sleep talking app lets you set auto-record, which is minimum noise threshold to record. You can get best results when you adjust minimum threshold.

You can download the app at:

iDream Recorder

5. Sleep Recorder

Sleep Talking App - Sleep Recorder

This app works with Windows phone user. This sleep talking app records what is being said. Your phone’s microphone captures only talking, but not other sounds or silence.

Also this app features location awareness to help you find whether your nighttime ramblings are more or less frequent based on where you sleep.

When you use sleep recorder app, make sure that your phone is plugged in. As the app listens to the sounds throughout the night, the battery will be discharged very quickly.

You can download the app at:

Sleep Recorder

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