5 Common Parasomnia Sleep Disorders You Should Be Aware Of

By on August 7, 2015

Parasomnia can be defined as all varieties of sleep disorders that take a toll on the sleep of an individual and this definition has been provided by the American heritage Dictionary.

Parasomnia sleep disorders are likely to occur either during NREM or REM meaning non rapid-eye movement sleep and rapid-eye movement sleep.

A person who suffers from Parasomnia is in the stage of being partially awake and asleep and this is the reason why the sufferer experiences sleep arousal or disruption.

Sleep problems faced by the sufferer might be very dangerous like sexually assaulting other people or passive like bedwetting and sleep talking.

Common Parasomnia Sleep Disorders

Some of the most commonly found parasomnia sleep disorders include:

Parasomnia Sleep Disorders


This form of parasomnia is also called Sleep Enuresis and it is generally very common in kids. People suffering from bedwetting problem do not have the capability of controlling their urinary functions while sleeping. [ Effective Solutions To Bedwetting ]

Confusional Arousals

People who experience Confusional arousals generally wake up in the middle of the night. They also feel alienation and confusion on a temporary basis. This is a sleep disorder can also have an impact on the reaction time and the short-term memory of an individual.


This kind of parasomnia is also known as REM Sleep Behavior Disorder which involves the acting out of violent and dangerous dreams. People suffering from this disorder might display certain bodily movements and produce sounds.

Night Terrors

Nightmares are dramatic nighttime occurrences that can result in feelings of terror, anxiety and fear. People suffering from this condition abruptly wake up while sleeping and they are completely in a terrified condition.

These people also tend to be confused and they are incapable of communicating their feelings. [Tips for Handling Night Terrors In Your Kid ]

Sleep Talking

Occasionally, the sufferer might shout some words of nonsense and even recite a certain speech while sleeping. This type of sleeping disorder is generally temporary and it is also one of the most harmless parasomnia sleep disorders.