5 Commonly Found Toddler Sleep Disorders

By on June 2, 2015

Toddler sleep disorders are quite common and there can be various reasons contributing to such disorders. There are some natural reasons behind such issues existing among toddlers.

Babies or toddlers who are constantly nursed get into the tendency of waking up frequently and quickly in comparison to the babies on formula milk diet.

Separation can also be a genuine reason behind toddler sleep disorders. Babies feel separated if they are left all alone and this is what results in sleeping problems. Bad clothes are also the cause of sleeping disorders in toddlers.

Common Toddler Sleep Disorders

Some of the most common toddler sleep disorders have been mentioned below:

Toddler Sleep Disorders


Parasomnia is the physical events or objectionable experiences which a child goes through within sleep or when aroused from sleep. It includes sleep-related movements, dreaming, emotions, behaviors and perceptions.

This is a condition that features two distinct stages and they are NREM or non-rapid eye movement and REM or rapid eye movement.

Sleep-Related Rhythmic Movement Disorder

It is a kind of disorder where you will find your toddler seeking out for a hard surface where it can rhythmically bang its head against upon waking.

Toddlers might also have this sensation of rolling their head or rhythmically rolling their whole body on this hard surface. Here the main concern for parents should be the child’s ability of hurting itself.

Night Terrors

These are very similar to bad dreams which your toddler might not be able to wake up from. It is a condition where your toddler remains awake but does not have the ability of waking up. Night terrors are accompanied by loud and piercing screams along with intense fear.


This is another sleep disorder found in toddlers. Toddlers with this condition are generally found bolting or running from some kind of threat when they are aroused from sleep. Loud vocalization is usually accompanied with this condition which lasts for some time.

RLS or Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS or restless leg syndrome is a condition where you will find your toddler suffering from the urge of moving his or her legs. This keeps them awake during the night and can also result in tiredness and insomnia.