5 Commonly Found Sleeping Disorders In Teenagers

By on November 20, 2015

Sleep disorders are likely to happen in almost any age group starting from infants to the teens and even the elderly. If an individual is not able to sleep well during the night, it makes him or her feel exhausted especially when he or she is required to remain alert.

Teenagers who suffer from sleeping disorders tend to fall asleep during their classes and even feel tired when they are awake. Most teenagers are not able to get adequate sleep only due to the schedules that they have.

One of the main cause of sleeping disorders in teenagers is that they spend most of their time chatting and texting with friends.

Sleeping Disorders In Teenagers

Common Sleeping Disorders In Teenagers

Some of the most commonly found sleeping disorders in teenagers include:


There are many teenagers who suffer from insomnia. This is a condition when a teenager finds it very difficult to stay asleep or fall asleep. Stress is one of the most common causes of insomnia is teenagers. However, there are various other things that can also cause insomnia like emotional troubles, physical discomfort and uncomfortable sleep surroundings.


The teenagers who suffer from RLS or restless Leg Syndrome and PLMD or Periodic Limb Movement Disorder find that their sleep is disturbed by leg movements, which leaves them irritable and tired due to lack of proper sleep.

OSA Or Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This involves serious narrowing of the airway which results in snoring. This is a condition where the lungs are not able to get fresh air and therefore the brain wakes an individual up just adequate for catching his or her breathe and unlocking air passage.

GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

This is another common sleep disorder found in teenagers. It is a condition where the muscular valve lying between the gastric system and the esophagus prevents the stomach acids from going back into the esophagus. This muscular valve does not work properly in this condition resulting in sleepless nights.


These are disruptive sleep related incidents including several common events such as night terrors, teeth grinding, sleepwalking, bedwetting and nightmares. These are some of the most common Sleeping Disorders in Teenagers.

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