5 Effective Exploding Head Syndrome Treatment Options

By on September 1, 2015

Exploding head syndrome is basically a parasomnia involving undesired events coming along while sleeping. Exploding head is characterized by an individual suddenly imagining a very loud noise prior to falling asleep.

This might appear as a fierce explosion gone off in the head. This syndrome can also occur while you wake up during the night.

Exploding head syndrome is described as a clash of cymbals, bomb exploding or a painless loud noise causing high level of fear and distress. Attacks might vary in people while the frequency of attacks can be rare.

Exploding Head Syndrome Treatment Options

Some of the Exploding Head Syndrome treatment options, which work effectively in treating are include:

Exploding Head Syndrome Treatment

Getting More Sleep

Sometimes, exploding head syndrome is the cause of sleep deprivation and therefore getting more sleep can be of good help in treating this condition. If you suffer from this problem then try getting at least six to eight hours of regular sleep.

Minimizing Stress

Minimizing stress by trying some effective methods of relaxation can also be of good help in treating exploding head syndrome. You can relive stress by reading prior to going to bed, taking short walks and practicing yoga.

Using Effective Medicines

Medicines like clomipramine are considered effective when used as Exploding Head Syndrome treatment options. However, if you are considering taking medicines for the condition, it is best to consult a doctor first.

Balanced And Nutritious Diet

People suffering from exploding head syndrome should make it a point to have a balanced and nutritious diet. Your regular diet should consist of fruits and vegetables as they are a good source of vitamins and minerals that help in relieving stress.

Do Not Get Too Fatigued

Getting too fatigued can also result in exploding head condition. Therefore, it is important to maintain a sleep schedule that is very stable. Try evading tiredness by taking rest during work as this goes a long way in treating your exploding head condition.

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