5 Effective Natural Chronic Insomnia Cures To Try

By on January 26, 2016

Sleep is a deeply revitalizing and healing experience for human beings. People who are not able to get restful and sufficient sleep at night lose their capability of being the best at tasks and performances. Such people also tend to suffer from chronic insomnia due to the lack of restful and healthful sleep.

Chronic insomnia is a major problem experienced by around 30% adults in America at different times during their lives. It is important to get treated using various medical or natural chronic insomnia cures; otherwise it can result in adverse health effects.

Chronic Insomnia Cures

This has an adverse effect on the lives of people by reducing immunity and increasing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. People suffering from chronic insomnia also tend to gain huge amount of weight.

Natural Chronic Insomnia Cures

Some of the effective natural chronic insomnia cures that you can use for treatment and get good night sleep every night include:

Foods Containing Tryptophan

Foods like banana, chicken and turkey contain tryptophan which is basically a kind of amino acid used for making serotonin. Serotonin is basically a brain chemical which helps an individual in sleeping. Therefore, it is always beneficial to take such foods prior to going to bed at night.

Use of Herbs

There are certain herbs like valerian and passionflower that go a long way in inducing sleep among people suffering from chronic insomnia. Valerian helps an individual in falling asleep faster while passionflower is used in the form of a mild sedative.

Gentle Yoga

Yoga is one of the best natural chronic insomnia cures to try. Fifteen minutes of gentle and simple yoga like shoulder rolls, back and arm stretches and neck rolls can help the muscles in unwinding prior to hitting the bed. Yoga poses loosen the muscles and prepare the body for a perfect sleep at night.


Aromatherapy with the use of essential oils like lavender aid in having a better sleep at night. Aromatherapy is considered a non-toxic and inexpensive method of getting a peaceful sleep without going through any hassle.


Melatonin is a hormone which controls sleep and therefore it can be said that it induces sleep naturally. Doses of melatonin could help in getting a good night’s sleep but high doses can turn out to ne toxic and increase an individual’s risk of infertility and depression.

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