5 Effective Night Terrors Treatment Methods

By on May 9, 2015

Night terrors are a serious psychological problem like insanity or hysteria. In some cases, night terrors might not be very serious but remain present in the form of an infrequent nocturnal disturbance.

Night terror means a frightful dream that is escorted with a sense of helplessness, suffocation and oppression.

Night terrors generally occur when a patient sleeps on the left side or on his or her back generally within couple of hours of going to bed. There is no proven or known night terrors treatment but they can easily be prevented.

Night Terrors Treatment Methods

Here are some methods for night terrors treatment, which will help in preventing them effectively.

Night Terrors Treatment

Treating any Underlying Medical Condition

If night terrors are caused by nay underlying mental health or medical condition or any other form of sleep disorder then treatment is aimed at the underlying issue. This type of treatment is said to work for a patient and even relaxes his or her sleep during the night.

Improving Sleeping Habits

Addressing problems like too little sleep during the night can be of good help in reducing the occurrence of night terrors.

Addressing Stress

If anxiety or stress is one of the major problems resulting in night terrors then it is essential that you meet a counselor or a therapist. Stress is something that can be alleviated by having a balanced diet by practicing moderate exercises.

If this does not help then you can depend on treatments like biofeedback, hypnosis, relaxation therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for getting rid of night terrors.


Medicines are rarely used for treating night terrors and this goes special for children. However, if it is necessary then benzodiazepines can be used because they are very effective in treating night terrors.

Get Good Sleep

Fatigue can be a major cause of night terrors. If you are able to get a good sleep during the night, it will definitely be of good help in treating night terrors. The best Night Terrors Treatment is understanding the condition which can automatically help in reducing worry.