5 Foods That Will Boost Melatonin

By on June 20, 2014

A small endocrine gland known as pineal gland releases melatonin hormone. Melatonin plays an important role in regulating sleep wake cycle. It causes drowsiness and lowers body temperature.

If you are having the problem with sleep, then boosting your melatonin will be helpful. There are many melatonin supplements available in market. But, there are certain foods that help in boosting your melatonin naturally.

Here are few foods that will boost melatonin.


Foods High in Melatonin - Cherries

Cherries are good source of melatonin. It is even proved by a study that cherries are good source of melatonin. Not only cherries, you can also have dried cherries and cherry juice (preferably tart cherry juice as it contains low sugar content) as a source for melatonin.

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