5 iPhone Apps That Monitor Your Sleep

By on October 22, 2014

Sufficient sleep is very much essential to keep you healthy and happy. Even if you have trouble sleeping, these breathtaking iPhone apps will help you in getting good night’s sleep.

Here are the top five iPhone apps to monitor your sleep:

1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This app makes waking up very easy for you. This intelligent alarm clock helps analyze the sleep and wake you up when you are in the lightest sleep phase.
iPhone Apps That Monitor Your Sleep - Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

  • Gives you detailed sleep graphs and sleep statistics for each night.
  • 15 high quality and carefully selected alarm melodies
  • Just shaking or tapping the phone can make the alarm snooze
  • Includes heart rate monitor to measure the heart rate in resting phase each morning through the camera and flash in the iPhone.

You can download the app at:

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

2. Noisli

Noisli is really a good background noise and even color generator ideal for working as well as relaxing.

iPhone Apps That Monitor Your Sleep - Noisli

The high-quality sounds from the app will help to relieve your stress, anxiety when reading or prior sleeping, focusing and concentrating on something. While working it even boosts your creativity and much more.
You can download the app at:


3. Sleep101

It is the first app that help to track your sleep and even give you free expert advice to sleep and feel better and at the same time wake up more refreshed.
iPhone Apps That Monitor Your Sleep - Sleep101

  • Sleep tracking gives you how long and how well you slept with a nightly report of your sleep stats.
  • The smart alarm that comes with the app wakes you up at the optimal time during the sleep so that you may feel more energized and refreshed.
  • Visualizes your sleep over time and understands what type of advises will help you in improving the quality of your sleep.

You can download the app at:


4. Recharge – Sleep Well and Be Well

It is a personalized 6 weeks program to help improve your well being. The key areas that the app focuses include:

iPhone Apps That Monitor Your Sleep - Recharge – Sleep Well and Be Well


  • Sleep and wake up time each day can be achieved gradually through the six week program.
  • The alarm clock help to trigger the fun activities intended to get you up and out of the bed.
  • Encourages increased physical activity, particularly within two hours after you wake up
  • Increases your day light exposure each day in the morning that can help you reset your body’s clock

You can download the app at:

Recharge – Sleep Well and Be Well

5. Sunriser

iPhone Apps That Monitor Your Sleep - Sunriser

Sunriser app not only help you wake up in your light sleep, but also help you get most out of each day by waking you up at same time the sun rises in the area you live. Instead you can also set your own specific time to wake you up.

You can download the app at:


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