5 Tips For How To Avoid Jet Lag

By on September 17, 2014

Are you wondering how to avoid Jet lag? Jet lag is a common problem faced by people who either travel to different time zones for the first time or by those whose immunity system is not strong enough to handle it.

How To Avoid Jet LagThe human body is set on a biological clock that is of 24 hours and when travelling to a new time zone, the body might take some time to accept the change. This might result in a sleeping problem called jet lag.

Some helpful tips that teach you how to avoid jet lag have been discussed here:

Choose Proper Time of Flight

If you have the option to choose a flight, which would arrive early in the evening, or at least before 10 pm, you should go for that.

In case the journey hours are long and it is important to sleep during the day, sleep during the afternoon hours and never sleep more than 2 hours, you can set an alarm to prevent you from oversleeping.

Prepare Yourself

In case you are already aware that you need to go eastwards after a few days, try to sleep earlier for a few days before than the day of flight and in case you need to travel westwards, make the same thing later.

This would help your body prepare for the upcoming events and when you would be jet lagged, you would be able to sleep better.

Never Watch a Movie

In case you really want to sleep properly, it is advisable not to watch the movie. Some people think that it would be helpful in making them sleep, but actually it does the opposite.

The blue rays emitted from them actually harm the body and can delay the sleep and activate the body of the person.

In fact, the blue light coming from the devices such as phones, iPads, TV etc. would take your body back to your biological clock.

Sleep Environment

Make your bedroom into sleep environment, in which you can sleep happily. Try to shut down all sound making things; if it is not possible use ear plugs to be free from outside noise.

Another important thing to consider if you want to sleep when you are jet lagged is light. Cover all windows and make a dim environment. If not, you can simply wear a sleep mask to avoid light.

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