5 Varieties Of Food That Helps You Sleep Better

By on August 28, 2015

Diets and foods have a strong influence on the activity and the behavior of an individual. You might have noticed that after having some drinks or meals, you feel quite energetic and active. However, there are even foods that make you feel sleepy.

A good sleep during the night is important for clear thinking and efficient performance at work. You might have come across people giving you advice on different things that you can do in order to get good sleep.

However, there are very few people who will tell you about the food that helps you sleep. Yes, there are some foods that can always be of good help in inducing sleep.

Best Food That Helps You Sleep

Have a look at some of the best varieties of food that helps you sleep better, which are effective in inducing sleep.

Food That Helps You Sleep


Experts generally recommend avoiding the consumption of simple carbohydrates before bedtime because carbohydrates provide sugars disturbing sleep induction. However, proteins taken as eggs can serves as a good source of proper nutrition which helps you in sleeping better.


Caffeinated tea is not for you if you are having sleep problems but decaffeinated and herbal tea such as chamomile can always help in improving sleep quality. Green tea is also a good option as it helps in improving metabolism and induces sleep.


The grains available in oatmeal trigger the production of insulin. The grains elevate the levels of blood sugar and help you in enjoying a quality sleep at night. Oats are also rich in their content of melatonin which helps in relaxing the body and helping an individual fall asleep.


Have a handful of almonds and you will be dozing off to sleep in no time at all. Almonds contain magnesium and tryptophan and both these elements help in reducing nerve and muscle function and in steadying the rhythm of the heart.

Miso Soup

Miso soup is a great choice for people who are in the habit of having late dinners. This soup is very rich in easily digestible proteins and amino acids which provide building material for synthesizing Melatonin. This is a pigment which aids in inducing good sleep.

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