6 Best Pregnancy Snoring Remedies That Works

By on July 14, 2015

There are a lot of women who get into the habit of snoring while they are pregnant. This is a tendency commonly found in pregnant women and this generally happens in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Cause of snoring during pregnancy is related to the pregnancy hormones that relax the muscle within the mucous membrane and the mouth causing vibrations resulting in snoring sounds.

Apart from this, weight gain which is common during pregnancy and increase in the blood quantity of a pregnant woman are other causes of snoring during pregnancy.

Best Pregnancy Snoring Remedies

Some of the best pregnancy snoring remedies that work effectively have been mentioned below:

Pregnancy Snoring Remedies

Sleeping Sideways

Sleeping sideways is one of the best pregnancy snoring remedies. While sleeping, make sure to sleep sideways. Sleeping on your side helps in prevention of collapsing of soft palate and tongue base, which is the main cause for snoring.

Stay Away from Intoxications

Tobacco, sleeping pills and alcohol should be voided by pregnant women. These are not healthy for a growing baby and they can even make the throat close up resulting in snoring tendencies.

Maintain Weight

It is quite common to gain weight during pregnancy. Weight gain is also one of the main causes of snoring. So, make sure to maintain a healthy weight gain. To control excess weight gain make sure to do mild exercise regularly.

Nasal Strip

Quality nasal strips are easily available in drug stores and they are the best remedies for snoring during pregnancy. Most of these strips are available drug-free and they work wonders in helping a pregnant woman get rid of snoring.


As has been mentioned earlier, nasal congestion is the main cause of snoring in pregnant women. In this case, a warm-mist and top quality humidifier can also be of good help. Women can use the humidifier in their bedrooms as this brings good relief from snoring.

Try Elevation

Pregnant women who want to get rid of their problem of snoring can try and sleep with their head elevated slightly. This can be done by sleeping on two pillows instead of using just one. This helps by allowing free flow of air and thus giving your partner a good sleep.

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