6 Natural Drinks To Help You Sleep Better

By on February 17, 2015

Every second person you meet today has problems in sleeping. In most cases these people take a sleeping pill which complicates the problem further. Experts on the other hand would recommend certain natural drinks to help you sleep.

These drinks create amino acids in your body and this makes you sleep well. These drinks are of great relief for people suffering with the sleeplessness by letting them have a good night sleep.

Natural Drinks To Help You Sleep Better

Here are some of natural drinks to help you sleep better.

Drinks To Help You Sleep Better

Chamomile Tea

An article published in “Molecular Medicine Report” explains that drinking Chamomile tea would help you to enjoy a good night sleep.

This herbal tea contains flavnoid known as apigenin and this relaxes the brain. This is one of the reasons why Chamomile tea is used to cure insomnia.

A Glass Of Warm Milk Before Bedtime

Most experts recommend a glass of warm milk before bedtime. Milk has melatonin and L-trypophan, which helps a person to enjoy quality sleep in the night. Milk is also rich in calcium and this is good for sleeping. A warm glass of milk is comforting and thus induces sleep easily.

Warm Eggnog

One of the natural drinks to help you sleep would be enjoying an eggnog which is warm. This drink is made from heavy cream and eggnog. This natural drink is very popular during Christmas and you can add a few drops of rum to make it more potent.

A Large Mug Of Malted Milk Or Hot Chocolate

The next time you want to sleep, enjoy a large cup of hot chocolate which is creamy and warm. You can also try delicious malted drinks. Once you drink them you would sleep well.

Peppermint Tea

Most people suffer from stress and thus they cannot sleep. To dissolve the stress you can enjoy tea made from peppermint. This tea also cures migraines and heartburns.

Juice of Cherry Tart

Another potent natural drink would be to drink the extracted juice of cherry tart. It has high levels of melatonin and this would make you sleep well.