7 Simple And Effective Tips For Treating Insomnia In Children

By on January 20, 2015

Children commonly experience great difficulty sleeping and this difficulty is popularly known as insomnia. Insomnia in kids is very common and it might occur at almost any age.

Treating insomnia in children is not a very difficult thing to do but then it is important that you remain aware of the symptoms and even the causes so that you can do the needful at the correct time.

Tips for Treating Insomnia in Children

Here are some simple and effective tips that will help in treating insomnia in children.

Treating Insomnia In Children

Get Your Children Into The Exercising Habit

Lack of proper exercise can result in insomnia in children. Children need to carry out a lot of activities during the day and this might result in sleeplessness during the night.

Nighttime sleep in children becomes very difficult because they do not get the scope of using their left-over energy. But, make sure that they do not exercise at least 1hr before bedtime.

Create A Sleep Schedule For Your Child

Creating a sleep schedule for your child will work as a very constructive treatment for insomnia. Sleep patterns which are erratic can result in sleep disorders and therefore it would be beneficial to create a sleep schedule for your child so that your child’s body is able to train itself for a consistent time to sleep during the night.

Bedroom Environment

One of the important things to consider for treating insomnia in children is to create a sleep friendly environment in bedroom. Bedroom should not be bright colored, put dim bed light, move all sleep distracting things like computer, television, etc from bedroom, etc.

Monitor The Diet Of Your Child

Energy drinks are said to contain large quantities of sugar and caffeine and these might affect the ability of the child to fall asleep.


Pomegranates are very good in curing cardiovascular problems as well as immunity disorders. Pomegranates can also work wonders in improvising sleep patterns in children. It has also been found that Chinese medicines can be effective in treating sleeping disorders.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy is one solution that has gained great importance in treating insomnia in children. This therapy reduces the risk of the addiction to sleeping pills and it is highly suggested for the people who have this tendency of misusing or overusing their medication.

Use Of Herbs

Herbs like chamomile can also be used for the treatment of insomnia in children. Chamomile can be taken in the form of a tea. Lavender is a herb that can be used in aromatherapy as it is very good in inducing relaxation.