Another Benefit of Sleep – Overcome Fears

By on September 27, 2013

Another Benefit of Sleep - Overcome FearsWe all know that getting sufficient sleep helps us in many ways. A new study has revealed that by exposing a person to fear memory again and again while he or she is in sleep will help in reducing the effect that particular fear memory.

Actually, getting sufficient sleep has many benefits both physically, and mentally. Proper sleep plays a key role in improving heart health, weight, immunity, mood, concentration, memory, etc. And now, by this study, another benefit “overcoming fear memory” is also added to many benefits of sleep.

This study was conducted by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Northwestern investigators said that according to previous studies, with proper sleep helps is improving learning skills, which include spatial and motor sequence. With this is can be inferred that emotions can be manipulated, while person is in sleep.

An enhanced technique of exposure therapy was used in this experiment for treating phobia. Actually, it is commonly used therapy for treating phobias by gradually exposing a person to his or her fear factors, until the person overcomes the fear factor. This daytime treatment with nighttime components was used in this experiment. They said that they seen a small but significant amount of decrease in the levels of fear with this therapy.