At Home Treatment For Sleep Talking That Show Results

By on August 17, 2016

Sleep talking disorder is medically known as somniloquy. Sleep talking as the name suggests is a sleep disorder in which the affected person talks in sleep without any knowledge of it.

Sleep talking can range from mumbling to complicated dialogues. Anyone can be a victim of talking in sleep. But, men and children are more prone to sleep talking. Stress, depression, insufficient sleep, excessive daytime sleepiness, fever, and alcohol are common causes of sleep talking.

Generally, sleep talking doesn’t really require treatment. But, when sleep talking involves screaming, shouting, or caused due to some fear, then consulting a sleep specialist is help in treatment for sleep talking.

Treatment For Sleep Talking

At Home Treatment For Sleep Talking

Here are best options of at home treatment for sleep talking that really shows positive results:

Stress Management

As we discussed above stress is one the main cause of sleep talking. So, overcoming stress is an effective method of treatment for sleep talking. There are many effective stress management techniques that you can follow such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, etc.

Getting Enough Sleep

Another common cause of talking in sleep is not getting enough sleep. Make sure get sufficient sleep and maintain proper sleep schedule. This is helpful in battling sleep talking.

Food And Drinks

Intake of food and drink can also result into sleep talking. Avoiding alcohol, and other caffeinated drinks, and avoiding heavy meals before bedtime will also help in battling sleep talking.

Overcoming Depression

Depression and few other mental disorders is also one of the common causes of sleep talking. Treatment for sleep talking can be done by treating these mental disorders. Depression can be effectively treated with antidepressants, and psychotherapy.

Avoid Horror Movies

Sometimes, watching horror movies before bedtime can also make a person to sleep in talk. So, make sure to avoid watching horror movies before bedtime, and try to watch romantic or funny movies to overcome sleep talking. And even listening to soothing music is also helpful.

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