Available Methods For Central Sleep Apnea Cure

By on July 31, 2015

Central sleep apnea is an unusual condition characterizing a decrease or cessation in breathing while sleeping. This usually happens due to some issues with signals coming from the brain that helps in controlling the breathing procedure in people.

Hyper somnolence or excessive daytime sleeping, restless sleep and loud snoring are some common signals of central sleep apnea.

Other symptoms of this condition include gasping or choking while sleeping, morning headaches, unrefreshing sleep, personality changes, daytime fatigue, impaired concentration, and weight gain.

Methods To Central Sleep Apnea Cure

There are several methods that can be used for Central Sleep Apnea Cure and they are as follows:

Central Sleep Apnea Cure

Assisted Overnight Ventilation

This is the most effective and most frequently used Central Sleep Apnea Cure. An external device like a cuirasse or a kind of rocking bed is used for preventing cessation of breathing while sleeping. These devices help in curing central sleep apnea by controlling the breathing procedure of the patient.

Use Of CPAP Method

CPAP method or continuous positive airway pressure method involves the use of a mask on the nose while sleeping. It is basically the very first treatment offered for the condition.

The nasal mask comes attached with a pump that provides pressurized air which helps in opening the upper airway.

Supplemental Oxygen

Making use of supplemental oxygen can always be very effective in curing central sleep apnea. There are various devices available in the market that can help patients in getting good amount of required oxygen to their lungs.


There are some medications like theophylline and acetazolamide that can be used for stimulating the breathing procedure in patients suffering from central sleep apnea. There are other medications that can also be prescribed by doctors for helping the patients in breathing properly.


Surgery is generally the last option that one can use for central sleep apnea cure. However, it is important to note that surgeries for treating this condition are expensive and they can also turn out to be infectious.