Best Android Apps For Good Night Sleep

By on December 17, 2013

Facing difficulties in falling asleep? No need to go for sleeping pills as you can find an alternative solution for your sleep disorders.

All that you need to do is getting android device featuring good android apps which help you to get good night’s sleep. These sleep apps help in regulating your sleep cycles and habits.

Just take a look at our list of best android apps related to sleep patterns.

Sleep Bot

Sleep bot is a sleep app available in both android and ios devices that tracks your motion overnight. It also tracks and records any sounds you make like snoring and talking in middle of sleep.

Sleep Android Apps - Sleep Bot

Moreover, you can get tips according to what it records from tracking your sleep with this amazing app that helps your sleep quality.

Sleep As Android

It is really a cute name for this quint essential app and worth having this great app for its name alone.

Sleep Android Apps - Sleep As Android

It has excellent features that aims to track your sleep patterns including records your noises and sleep modes, alarm clock and even calculates sleep debt. It also has an option to post your sleeping habits to social networks if you have an access to Face book.

Music Therapy For Sound Sleep

If you are a sufferer of sleep difficulties or experiencing hard time to fall asleep, then music therapy app can help you best. It features great low speed alpha waves set to make your mind comfort and helps you fall asleep.

Sleep Android Apps - Music Therapy For Sound Sleep

It also offers relaxing and sweet sounds from nature and you have an option to set your own relaxing and natural tracks and ensures you good night’s sleep.

Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock

Lightning bug mixes all the ambient sounds and relaxing music which are used for inducing sleep. It effectively helps you get to sleep quickly.

Sleep Android Apps - Lightning Bug - Sleep Clock

It also comes with sound visualizations and soothing backgrounds that help to sleep better and is a pretty good sleep app to install.

Relax And Sleep

Sleep Android Apps - Relax And Sleep

Relax and sleep well is a great app that mainly aims to relieve tensions and stress. Relaxed and stress-free state induce sleep using latest hypnotherapy techniques.