Best Bed Wetting Solutions For Older Children To Try

By on December 29, 2015

Bedwetting is generally hereditary. Parents with a bedwetting history might have bedwetting children. However, bedwetting seems to be a problem if it happens in the older children. Bedwetting in older children causes a lot of humiliation and stress and it even limits different social activities.

Bedwetting is common in infants but in older children, this is a problem and it requires a good solution. Seeing a doctor is one of the best bed wetting solutions for older children but there are other effective solutions to watch out for.

Best Bed Wetting Solutions for Older Children

Some of the best bed wetting solutions for older children that work effectively in treating are included below:

Bed Wetting Solutions for Older Children

Bedwetting Alarms

These work effectively in stopping the bedwetters. These alarms are considered one of the best methods in helping the older children gain bladder control while sleeping at night. These work by sounding a certain alarm when the child starts wetting. This automatically helps an old child in getting up from bed and going to the bathroom.


This is also one of the best bed wetting solutions for older children. It is an alternative treatment that has worked wonders in treating bedwetting in older children. This treatment involves modifying the behavior of an old child. Everything is carried out with the use of the mind for controlling bodily activities.

Avoiding Soft Drinks

Older children who are in the habit of bedwetting should avoid having soft drinks containing caffeine. This is due to the fact that such soft drinks increase urine production which results in bedwetting conditions.

Bladder Training

Helping older children delay their urination during daytime can help in reducing the conditions of bedwetting. The procedure is called bladder training. It is a procedure that takes good time and it should be done on a regular basis.


Medicines are generally of good help in treating bedwetting conditions in older children. The most effective medicine for bedwetting is desmopressin which helps in controlling urine production. Imipramine is another effective medicine for this condition.

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