Best CPAP For Central Sleep Apnea To Go For

By on July 6, 2016

Central sleep apnea is characterized by disordered breathing during sleep associated with absent or diminished respiratory effort. Major symptoms of this disease include frequent awakenings at night, excessive sleepiness during the day or both.

Central sleep apnea is basically a kind of communication problem and is less common in comparison to obstructive sleep apnea which is basically a mechanical issue. CPAP or continuous positive airway therapy helps in improving cardiac function in people suffering from central sleep apnea.

CPAP for central sleep apnea is one of the options for treating. It is basically a device with breathing mask that sufferers need to wear while sleeping. The mask delivers the required air pressure consistently to the airways of the patient keeping the tissues closing during sleep.

CPAP For Central Sleep Apnea

Best CPAP For Central Sleep Apnea

Here are some of the best CPAP for central sleep apnea treatment available in the market to buy:

REMstar Auto With A-Flex

This is one of the best CPAP machines that can be used for treating Central sleep apnea. This CPAP machine is a product of Philips Respironics. This machine not only focuses on sleep therapy, but also focuses on comfort of the patient using, and essential compliance tools.

This is perfect auto CPAP machine, which also comes with temperature sensor equipped heated tube. Selected level of humidity is supplied through this heated tube and avoiding rainout. Thereby provides optimum benefits of humidification to patients.

For further details: REMstar Auto With A-Flex

AirSense™ 10 CPAP

This is another best CPAP for Central sleep apnea treatment available in market. This CPAP machine is a product of ResMed, which comes with sleek design and advanced comfort technology. This machine along with treating CSA, it is very comfortable to use.

AirSense™ 10 CPAP comes with an integrated humidifier, which delivers consistent humidification to patient throughout the night. Initially, this machine supplies low pressure, which helps in falling sleep. Once the patient is asleep, pressure increases to prescribed levels.

For more details: AirSense™ 10 CPAP


This CPAP machine is also from Philips Respironics. This is a small and stylish CPAP available in the market. This CPAP machine not only helps the patients in treating Central sleep apnea, but also connects them to care teams.

The main features of this CPAP machine are the features that patients wanted to have in a CPAP machine. It comes one piece humidifier water chamber, easy menu, and a front facing display, which can be operated when you are sitting on the bed or lying on the bed.

For further details: DreamStation

Transcend EZEX Mini CPAP

Transcend EZEX Mini CPAP is the best portable CPAP for Central Sleep Apnea which is quite effective in helping people suffering from central sleep apnea. This machine is small, lightweight, and quiet.

Another important feature of this CPAP machine is that you can charge with solar charger, or with DC mobile charger. Other important features include auto altitude adjustment, EZEX pressure relief technology, etc.

For further details: Transcend EZEX Mini CPAP

IntelliPAP Standard

IntelliPAP Standard is one of the popularly sold CPAP machine used for treating sleep apnea. This is a product of DeVilbiss Health Care, which can be used at home and even during travel. The compact design of this machine enables you to store CPAP, humidifier, hose and accessories in the travel bag provided.

IntelliPAP Standard comes with many useful features like easy to navigate menu, automatic altitude adjustment, auto ON/OFF, pressure ramp, reminder alert, SmartCode compliance tracking, backlit LCD, and CPAP hose connects back to the unit.

For further details: IntelliPAP Standard

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