Best Methods Of Central Sleep Apnea Natural Treatment

By on September 22, 2015

The sleeping disorder where the breathing of an individual repeatedly starts and stops during sleep is called central sleep apnea. Apart from central sleep apnea, there are other two types of sleep apnea and they are mixed sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea.

The repeated starting and stopping of breathe can result in various health problems like cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. The other health issues that are common among people suffering from central sleep apnea are impotency, headaches, weight gain and memory problems.
Central Sleep Apnea can be treated with medically or naturally. But Central Sleep Apnea natural treatment is better to choose as medical treatment involves in surgery in most of the cases.

Central Sleep Apnea Natural Treatment Methods

Here are some of the methods for Central Sleep Apnea natural treatment that work effectively in treating.

Central Sleep Apnea Natural Treatment

Using Sleep Apnea Pillows

The use of sleep apnea pillows ensures that you do not lay flat on your back and this helps in keeping the airways open. If the airways remain open, you will be able to sleep properly without any kind of breathing disturbances.


Acupressure is a technique involving the use of fingers for pressing the key points on skin surface. This helps in stimulating the natural self-curative capacities of the body. This central sleep apnea natural treatment reduces tension, increases circulation and enables the human body to relax quite deeply.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is something that can help in eliminating central sleep apnea. There are herbs that can be tried out for weight loss. However, green tea is the best natural product that can aid the weight loss procedure of an individual.


This is not a perfect treatment for central sleep apnea but it can always help in reducing the severity of the condition. It is basically the science and the art of using extracted oils for enhancing beauty and health.

Oils extracted from plants like lavender, elemi, nutmeg, orange and spikenard can effectively be used for inducing better sleep.


Exercise is also of one of the best central sleep apnea natural treatment methods that you can choose. These exercises include throat exercises and tongue exercises. However, it is necessary for you to consult your doctor prior to starting with exercises.

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