Best Solutions For Newborn Sleeping Problems To Try

By on May 4, 2016

Newborn sleeping problems can be very frustrating. This is because parents feel very helpless in fixing these problems. Newborns have varied sleep patterns in comparison to adults and these variations generally limit the parents from doing what they can actually do. A newborn cannot be put to sleep for 8 hours at a stretch.

Frequent night wakes and constant settling problems can be very distressing for the newborn and for its parents. There are some practical solutions to newborn sleeping problems and these solutions are baked by proper research.

If you are not among those lucky parents who have babies sleeping throughout the night, there are some solutions that you can resort to.

Newborn Sleeping Problems

Best Solutions For Newborn Sleeping Problems

Some of the best solutions for newborn sleeping problems, which you need to follow, have been detailed below:

Sleep Training

Sleep training is the procedure of helping the baby in learning the method of going to sleep and staying asleep throughout the night. Sleep training conducted in the most familiar and friendly manner can help the baby in getting a good sleep at night.

Establishing Regular Day Time and Night Time Cues

During the day time, make sure that the newborn is exposed to daytime and daylight activities. With the bedtime approaching, try shifting down from the stimulating activities to sleepy, passive and sedate activities.

Massage Therapy

Infant massage is one of the best ways to ensure that the newborn gets enough sleep at night. The newborns who receive around 14 days of continuous massage therapy show mature sleeping patterns.


Another effective method of dealing with the newborn sleeping problems is gently patting the baby on the bottom or the back while it is in its cot. This might help in soothing the baby to a comfortable sleep.


It has been proved through studies that co-sleeping with the baby ensures that the bay has good sleep at night and it even helps the baby in experiencing less anxiety and having higher self-esteem.

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