Can Lack Of Sleep Cause Mental Illness?

By on April 22, 2014

Are you thinking that can lack of sleep cause mental illness? Yes, it does results into few types of mental illness. Moreover, lack of sleep can increase the problem, if a person is already a victim some mental illness. There is a definite link between sleep and mental illness.

Sleep is very much important for each and every person. Lack of sleep has many dangerous side effects both mentally and physically. Lack of sleep shows an adverse effect on brain, which results in developing mental disorders.

Can Lack Of Sleep Cause Mental IllnessLet us have a look at the mental illnesses that are caused due to lack of sleep.


The first and foremost mental illness that is caused due to lack of sleep is depression. Depression is very dangerous, and it can even be life threatening sometimes. Lack of sleep will make person moody and irritated, which can often result in the development of depression.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is another mental illness that can be caused due to lack of sleep. Actually, it is mental disorder in which a person shows relapsing mood disturbances with periods of both elevated mood and depressed mood.


As said earlier, lack of sleep causes mood alteration and behavioral changes. This is one of the main causes of anxiety. Actually, anxiety is a mental illness, which is characterized emotion of anxiety, and anxious thoughts.

Alcohol Addiction

Yes, alcohol addiction is also a mental illness, which is caused by lack of sleep. Generally, adults who are having lack of sleep get attracted towards alcohol dependence.


This is another mental disorder that is caused due to sleep deprivation. People who are deprived of sleep most commonly experience hallucinations, which are the perceptions without external stimuli.


This is the most commonly found mental illness that is caused due to lack of sleep. Sleeplessness will result in the increase of stress hormones.