Causes for Teeth Grinding in Children at Night

By on December 13, 2013

Most children fall prey to teeth grinding, in medical terms called as Bruxism. It’s not only a bad habit but it’s a serious dental concern.

Is your child wake up in the morning with painful jaw or headache? Then, your child is grinding teeth during night which is absolutely unconscious. Here are some triggers to bruxism in children.

What causes teeth grinding in children?

Well, there are several psychological and biological reasons that cause teeth grinding in children during night than waking hours.

Causes for Teeth Grinding in Children

  • Teeth grinding is one of the sleep disorders which mainly results due to anxiety or stress. Stress is most frequent condition that causes bruxism.
  • Lack of appropriate and important minerals and vitamins in your system is the contributing factors in bruxism as nutrition plays key role in dental health. One of such vitamin is Anti-stress vitamin called vitamin B5 and calcium which is needed for bone structure can cause involuntary muscle movements. Magnesium deficiency also leads to teeth grinding in children.
  • Lots of children develop teeth grinding even if they are hyperactive. In those kids they have nervous energy in excess and sometimes the medications suggested to those disorders also lead to teeth grinding.
  • Most commonly, children grind their teeth due to improperly aligned teeth means irregular contact between lower and upper teeth or abnormal bite.
  • Missing teeth, crooked teeth, illness, endocrine disorders, allergies also prompt your loved one to teeth grinding.
  • Teeth grinding may also happen as a side effect of having certain medications like anti-depressants, anti-psychotics.
  • Children who suffer with certain neurological disorders like Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease can cause teeth grinding.
  • Dehydration may also create teeth grinding in children.

You should consider treating teeth grinding. If it is not caught, it continues in their adult age too and creates lots of medical issues.