Causes Of Sleeplessness In Children

By on March 22, 2012

Sleeplessness In ChildrenSleeplessness in children is due to a number of factors and they should be taken seriously, because children need more sleep than the adults. Sometimes, sleeplessness can be mistakenly considered as insomnia. Insomnia in children varies in the definition depending on the sleeplessness pattern, age group and associate symptoms and signs of insomnia.

Common causes include:

  • Stress: This is about school, work, family or health that can keep children’s mind in active mode at night, which would make it difficult to sleep. Incidence of some stressful events like illness or death of loved one, may also cause lack of sleep in children.
  • Depression: Due to the imbalance of chemicals in children’s brain, or due to any kind worries, depression may strike, which may keep your children away from enough relaxation that is required to fall asleep.
  • Medications: Some prescription drugs may interfere with the sleep, including antidepressants like blood pressure and heart medications, stimulants, corticosteroids and allergy medications. Over-the-counter medications, such as weight loss products, pain medications and decongestants, contain stimulants and caffeine.
  • Caffeine: Cola, tea, coffee and other drinks, which contain caffeine, are the well known types of stimulants. Having coffee in the late evening can keep your children from falling asleep.
  • Poor sleeping hygiene: Habits that would be helpful in promoting good sleep are called as good sleep hygiene. Poor sleeping habits includes irregular sleep schedule, stimulating activities prior to the bed time, etc. These may cause sleeplessness in children.
  • Medical conditions: If your child is suffering from chronic pain, need to urinate frequently or breath difficulties, they might have chances to develop sleeplessness. Conditions linked with sleeplessness include cancer, arthritis, lung disease and overactive thyroid. Make sure that your child’s medical condition should be well treated that may be helpful with their sleeplessness.
  • Eating too much late: Having dinner at late evening may cause children to feel uncomfortable physically, and making it difficult to fall asleep. They may also experience a back flow of food and acids from the stomach into esophagus, which causes heartburn. This feeling may also keep your child awake.
  • Injury: Some pains and aches may cause sleeplessness in children.
  • Teething: Biting and gnawing on objects, skin rash, fever, irritability and restlessness.
  • Nightmares: Bad dreams may cause fear in children that leads to insomnia.
  • Childhood diseases and acute infections: Influenza, measles, chickenpox, stomach flu, and mumps.
  • Medication side effects: Due to the usage of some drugs some side effects may occur that may disturb child’s sleep.
  • Psychological, neurological, psychiatric disorders: Anxiety, depression, autism, and epilepsy.
  • Disturbances in gastrointestinal system: Bloating and excessive gas, infantile colic and tummy camps, constipation and diarrhea.
  • Itchy skin: Psoriasis, skin rash, eczema, burns, sunburns, and nappy rash.

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