Commonly Found REM Behavior Disorder Symptoms

By on April 27, 2016

REM disorder or Rapid Eye Movement sleep behavior disorder is basically a type of sleep disorder involving an individual acting out vivid and unpleasant dreams with violent movements and vocal sounds physically.

This type of disorder is also known as dream-enacting behavior. An individual does not move during this disorder but its onset is sudden and it might appear several times during the night.

REM behavior disorder symptoms can get worse with time and therefore it needs to be treated within time remaining. It is generally associated with neurological conditions like multiple system atrophy, Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.

REM Behavior Disorder Symptoms

Common REM Behavior Disorder Symptoms

Some of the commonly found REM behavior disorder symptoms, which you need to look for are mentioned below:

Dream-Enacting Behaviors

Dream-enacting behaviors are the most common REM behavior disorder symptoms. They can be violent sometimes causing injury to the parent or self-injury. These are generally non-directed and might include kicking, punching, jumping and leaping from bed while sleeping.

Making Different Noises

Making different noises like shouting, laughing, emotional outcries, talking and profanity are symptoms that can be a problem for the partner.

Repeated Arousals

Repeated arousals during sleep in connection with complicated motor behaviors and vocalization can also be taken as the symptom of REM sleep behavior disorder. A person might also be able to recall a dream if he or she is woken up during the REM sleep disorder episode. Upon awakening, the affected us alert and awake without being disoriented or confused.

Social Distress and Impairment

REM sleep behavior disorder can result in complete social distress and impairment. It can also impair proper functioning of an individual in his or her workplace. This could harm the social and the professional impetus of the affected making it very difficult for him or her to survive in social condition.

Symptoms Occurring Generally After 90 Minutes Of Sleep

REM sleep generally starts after 90 minutes of sleep. Therefore, symptoms of REM sleep behavior disorder like kicking, talking etc in walk are observed after 90 minutes of sleep.

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