Commonly Prescribed Chronic Insomnia Medication

By on November 12, 2014

The very first step in treating insomnia is to find out whether the condition is due to an underlying medical condition.

So, treating that underlying medical condition can help with your insomnia without the need of any further medical help.

Most Commonly Prescribed Chronic Insomnia Medication

Here is the most commonly prescribed chronic insomnia medication used for treatment:

Chronic Insomnia MedicationAs a basic recommendation, most sleep experts prescribe sleeping tablets as primary medications that boost your sleep. Sleeping tablets are considered when:

  • You have severe insomnia symptoms
  • You want to get relief from short-term insomnia
  • The other means of sleep treatments become ineffective

Usually, doctors don’t recommend the usage of sleeping tablets as they induce the sleep but they don’t treat the underlying cause. People with long-term and severe insomnia may not get any relief from sleeping tablets.

1. Benzodiazepines

These medicines act as tranquilizers that can help decrease anxiety and encourage calmness, relaxation and sleep. This type of Chronic Insomnia medication is best suitable for people with chronic insomnia that is leading to extreme distress.

These medications will induce sleep and may make you addicted. So, it is better to use short-acting benzodiazepines to treat your insomnia.

2. Antidepressants

Sometimes, these medications are prescribed for people with insomnia and also have the history of depression.

3. Melatonin

Medications that contain melatonin can also be more effective to relieve insomnia symptoms for up to 26 weeks in elderly people. As we all know that melatonin is a sleep inducing hormone that helps to regulate the sleep cycle.

Medicine like Circadin contains melatonin and is also a licensed medication available only on prescription for people over 55 years of age. This insomnia medicine is prescribed for short-term insomnia treatment and should not be used more than three weeks.

4. Z Medicines

They are also a type of short-acting medications that work same like Benzodiazepines. Z medicines are various types, such as: zaleplon, zolpidem and zopiclone.

  • Zaleplon: It is a licensed drug used to treat people who have chronic insomnia and who are suffering from trouble falling asleep. It is suggested to use this drug in lower possible doses and only for up to two weeks.
  • Zolpidem: It is also a licensed drug used to treat debilitating insomnia, which is leading higher stress levels. The medicine is only used under lower dosage and for maximum of up to four weeks.
  • Zopiclone: A licensed drug used for the short-term management of insomnia with symptoms like trouble falling asleep, frequent wake-ups during night and continuing insomnia that is unbearable or leading to severe distress.

Pros and Cons of Insomnia Drug Treatment

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