Companies Are Encouraging 'Nap Time' On The Job

By on August 23, 2011

If employees fall asleep on the job while working at most companies in Richmond, Virginia, they will get fired.

According to a report, companies in other places are beginning to allow employees to take naps on the job. Employees can take “time out” much like kindergarteners.

Employees who can’t keep their eyes open don’t need to fill up on coffee or energy drinks.

The article “Why Companies are Cozing Up to Napping at Work, says that Ryan Hodson of Kodiak Capital Group estimates that a third of his 15 employees now take a power nap on a regular basis.

Since Americans are spending more time as work and even taking work home, companies are encouraging at-work napping. An employee benefits survey of 600 American companies conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management produced the following:

  • 6% of workplaces had nap rooms in 2011, a slight increase from 5% the previous year.
  • A 2011 poll of 1,508 adults by the National Sleep Foundation found that 34% of respondents say their employers allow them to nap at work.
  • 16% said their employers also have designated napping areas.

Dozing off at work is no longer a taboo; especially in jobs that demand long work hours.

What has been done to encourage power naps at work

  • Google’s Mountain View campus designed “Energy Pods” which are futuristic-looking white capsules that rent for $795 a month or sell for $12,985 where nappers can recline out of other people’s sight and set timers to wake themselves up with vibrations and lights.
  • Arianna Huffington has publicly plugged the “NapQuest” rooms; outfitted with Energy Pods at the headquarters of the combined AOL and Huffington Post in New York. The three new nap rooms are usually occupied. Editors used to sneak up to the sixth floor of their former office to sleep in the grooves of the windowsill. They no longer have to do this.
  • Christopher Lindholst, cofounder of MetroNaps, which has been selling Energy Pods since 2006, says his clients — which include Google, AOL Huffington Post Media Group and Cisco offer incentives to employees to improve their fitness or eat healthier. Sleep is also a part of good health and has been added to the incentives.

It has been proven that after a power nap, productivity is higher. Sleeping for about 20 minutes can lead to a 34% improved performance and 54% improved alertness.

Nap rooms are part of some companies amenities. Employers are letting job seekers know that a power nap is part of their benefits package.

Source: Margaret Minnicks, Examiner

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