Conditions That Affect Your Child Sleep

By on February 15, 2012

Child SleepSleep disorders can lead to insufficient child sleep. Children who are under the age of 18 years normally need 9 to 12 hours of sleep each night. If your child sleep is less than 8 hours could mean that he/she is suffering from sleep disorder or sleep deprivation.

There are several types of sleep disorders, which are widespread in children and major part of it may be ascribed to their fear of the dark, those children suffer from the sleep disorder.

Several types of sleep disorders that impair your child sleep include:

Sleep walking or talking: This is one of the most common disorders in children that are related to sleep. “Somnambulism” is the medical name for sleep walking. This is not harmful but it needs special care. Parents are responsible to provide a healthy and safe environment to their children i.e. talking while sleeping and sleeping by opening their eyes may seem odd but there is nothing unusual and also usually this won’t cause any harm to your child.

Heartburn: It is also known as gastroesophageal reflux and is common in both adults and children. It would be hazardous for children, especially who are sleeping. In this type of sleep disorder, the stomach acids might regurgitate into their throat at the time of sleeping. Sometimes it may also indicate an underlying problem of stomach that might need surgery.

Bruxism: This is crushing and gnashing of teeth during the sleep. This is very irritating and disturbing child sleep disorder.

Head rolling or banging: Many children are head rollers or bangers, this situation occur particularly when they are lacking of sleep. Normally this habit is harmless and they would grow out of this habit before they gain maturity.

Enuresis and bed wetting: These are also most common child sleep disorders. But it is very embarrassing as well as humiliating for children and also trouble for their parents especially when children grow older. This is a medical problem and it can be treated with doctor’s prescription.

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS): This is the worst and deadly sleep disorder. This is abbreviated as SIDS. Due to this, many children die and usually known as crib death. The exact cause of SIDS is still unknown.

Nocturnal asthma or nocturnal seizures: Asthma and seizures are terrifying problems. Nocturnal asthma and nocturnal seizures are trouble for both children as well as parents as they may lead to many other health problems. It is essential to take proper medical care for children.

Periodic limb movement or Restless leg syndrome: Both these child sleep disorders are very distressing for children as well as parents. This condition causes an urge to move the leg frequently that can lead to insomnia, night terrors and sleep walking.

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