Dietary Changes That Help To Cure For Night Sweats

By on July 23, 2013

Cure For Night SweatsExcessive sweating is an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition that affects their lives in many unpleasant ways. The most common cause of night sweats is menopause.

Night sweats may also be due to various health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, bacterial infection, anxiety, neurological condition, thyroid disorder and certain medications.

Night sweats is also known as “sleep hyperhidrosis”, which are the episodes of night time sweating that can range from mild to severe. Night sweats and hot flashes often result in sleep problems and insomnia that can cause depression and anxiety.

The most common symptoms of night sweats include: rapid heartbeat, chills, headaches, intense heat and nausea. When it comes to cure for night sweats, it is very important for the patient to find the correct solution because the pattern and severity of night sweats are different for everyone.

If you want to reduce night sweats, there are plenty of possible solutions for it such as lifestyle changes, diet, meditations, regular exercise and complementary therapies.

Dietary changes that help to cure for night sweats:

Avoid hot and spicy food: Many people know that consuming hot and spicy foods increase their body’s temperature and may cause night sweats. So, avoiding the hot and spicy foods in the diet gives a natural cure for night sweats and hot flashes.

Decrease alcohol and tobacco intake: Another best way to cure night sweats is by avoiding or at lease decreasing the intake of alcohol and tobacco smoking. Higher intake of alcohol and tobacco may contribute to fluctuations in body systems leading to sweating.

Amino acid foods: Eat foods rich in amino acids like dairy products, nuts and eggs that help to reduce night sweats.

Soy products: Include soy contained products such as soybeans, soy yogurt, soy nuts, soy ice cream, tofu, soy milks and cheeses in your diet as they help the body to store estrogen and progesterone. Soy can considerably reduce night sweats and also lower the risk of women’s cancer.

Eat vitamin contained food: Try to eat vitamin contained food like vitamins B, C, D and particularly calcium to keep your body well balanced and reduce the severity of sweating.

Avoid certain foods: Try to avoid caffeine, hot drinks, white sugar, alcoholic beverages, saturated fat and acidic foods like pickles and citrus that help to alleviate night sweats.

Moderate sugar intake: Consuming foods rich in sugar content increases your metabolism rate that can lead to night sweats. So as a cure for night sweats, you should avoid foods that are high in refined sugar.

Nourish your body: Balance your meals and snacks with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, protein and healthy fats, which help to supply adequate level of micro-nutrients required for neurotransmitter and hormonal balance that help to reduce night sweats.

Drink ice water: Have a glass of cold water in your nightstand and drink whenever needed to keep yourself cool and to avoid night sweats.

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