Simple Steps For Dealing With Stress Induced Insomnia

By on December 24, 2014

Do you doubt about stress induced insomnia? Yes, it is true, surprisingly along with many other health problems, stress can also result in insomnia. Human beings these days go through a lot of everyday stress in life and this is one of the main reasons why they tend to suffer from insomnia.

Several activities during the day make a person feel stressed which hampers him or her from having a good sleep at night. This is because the mind still zooms, the body thrums or aches and sleep appears like a finish line that can never be reached.

While trying your best to sleep at night you wake up to see that it is already morning. This is called stress induced insomnia. However, there are simple methods that can be used is easing up, quieting down and getting the required rest during the night.

Stress Induced Insomnia

Dealing With Stress Induced Insomnia

Here are some simple steps for dealing with stress induced insomnia that have proved effective.

Calming the Body

If you make great efforts in thinking for the ways of dealing with stress induced insomnia, you will do nothing but overtax your mind with panicky stress.

The best thing that you can do to alleviate stress induced insomnia is calm your entire body by trying a series of soothing and gentle exercises. Exercises will definitely help in calming the body which in turn will adjust sleep by sustaining the endocrine system.

Try Breathing Exercises

With night stress spiking very high, control and awareness of breath can be of good help in releasing into comfortable sleep.

You can try breathing by alternating the nostrils as it helps in balancing the energy of the body and even calms a very busy mind and above all it takes very less time.

Avoid the Continuous Use of Smartphones and Computers

The blue light that comes from the smartphone and computer screens represses melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone which helps in regulating night sleep. This blue light also disrupts circadian rhythms governing the sleep-wake cycles.

Effects can worsen if you stare at the screens during the night and therefore it is very important that you avoid the use of smartphones and computers for an extended period of time.

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