Dementia and Sleeplessness – How They Link to Each Other

By on March 4, 2014

Are you dealing with dementia? How does dementia affect your sleep quality? Read on to learn about this bad condition including its common symptoms and how dementia affects your sleep and impacts sleep.

What is dementia?

Dementia is a condition characterized by frequent sleep disturbances that progressively affects one’s brain and may impact personality, memory, problem solving, language and daily function.

People with dementia may develop shifts in sleep cycles very often and therefore they tend to sleep during the day and keep awake during nights.

How dementia affects sleep?

Dementia and SleeplessnessIndividuals with dementia cannot get enough sleep and even unable to analyze that why they are in pain or discomfort and whether certain medications they are using has a side-effect causing sleeplessness.

Schedule an appointment for a physical examination to check for any signs of depression or for medical conditions causing bladder infections and prostate problems which urge to frequent urination-any of which can disrupt sleep.

Brain damage resulted by dementia can affect the biological clock in the brain and even impact the sleep patterns.

Dementia patients may stay up all the night or they may wake to urinate, become disoriented and confused. They may wander through the house and even try to go out.

Older who are alcoholic are at higher risk for developing dementia and thus tend to have less need for sleep during nights.

What to try?

  • Discuss with your physician about stopping diuretic medication if you feel that those medications are contributing to the problem.
  • Make a safe and comfortable sleep environment. Maintain a daily bed time routine.
  • Try to identify triggers and plan for more active days.
  • Avoid wearing daytime clothing in view at nights since this can indicate that it is wake up time.
  • Check whether the dementia patient too cold or too hot on wakening. Dementia can affect internal thermostat also.