Do I Have Sleep Apnea? Symptoms That Indicate You Have Sleep Apnea

By on July 19, 2013

Do I Have Sleep ApneaObstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in which upper airways collapses while you are in sleep, and cause breathing to stop in the midnight.

This disorder may lead to severe health problems and also impaired quality of life. But you can cure this condition by getting proper treatment and you can be able to improve your health condition.

This condition appears in a very personal time. So many of us are unaware of this condition, even they are suffering from it. We don’t know what is happening while we are in sleep. You may have a questioner of “do I have sleep apnea” in your mind.

The only real way to answer your question is sleep study, which is a sleep test that can record what was happened while you are in sleep. But there are some most common signs that can help you to get answer for your question-“Do I Have Sleep Apnea”.

Signs of Sleep Apnea That Will Answer Your Question “Do I Have Sleep Apnea?”:

  • Gasping of air, Sleepiness and Snoring.
  • Having frequent bathroom usage.
  • Having your spouse or bed partner see you when you stop breathing in sleep.
  • After having 8 hours sleep also feeling tired and sleepiness during daytime.

If anyone witnesses you that you are waking up many times in night, then it is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea. If you don’t have the bed partner in order to catch your snoring or gasping in the camera, the only way to find that you have sleep apnea is noticing extreme sleepiness or morning headaches during the day time.

People who are suffering from sleep apnea are usually likely to doze off in middle of conversation or meals. They may have desire to take the afternoon nap.

Mouth Breathing

If you wake up with the gummy teeth or dry mouth, then it may also be one sign of the sleep apnea condition. For people who have sleep apnea, it is very hard to take breath with nose, so they gasp with their opened mouth.

Frequent Urination

A less common sign of sleep apnea is frequent urination at night. If a person gets disrupted in sleep, then it will put pressure in heart. This will affect the body hormones, which will control the urine production in kidneys. This symptom may appear if your sleep apnea condition becomes worse.

Some other signs include: Mood fluctuations, depression, irritability, lower threshold Pain, and concentrating problems. But these are not best diagnostic hints, since they may also associate with some other health problems.

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