Do You Snore? Know The Symptoms of Snoring In Sleep

By on May 27, 2014

When you ask someone “do you snore while in sleep?” then most of them reply that they don’t snore, or they don’t know even though they are snorers. They are not aware of their snoring during sleep.

Unfortunately, most of the snorers do not know that they do snore. They will know about snoring from their bed partners. And, they may feel astonished or sometimes may not even believe about their snoring.

Symptoms of Snoring

Symptoms of SnoringSo, let us see few symptoms that will help you known about snoring on your own.

  • A snorer will wakes up from sleep frequently. Snoring is caused due to airway blockage while breathing sleep. As a result there are interruptions of breathing for about 10 seconds. In order to gasp back the air, snorer unknowing wakes up many times in sleep.
  • A snorer will have excessive daytime sleepiness. A snorer will have short or long interruption in sleep due to air blockages. This will make the snorer to have insufficient sleep. As a result snorer will have excessive daytime sleepiness; even this will too doesn’t make the snorer to rest completely.
  • Experiencing fatigue regularly during daytime is also another symptom of snoring. As the snorer has insufficient sleep, he or she will have extremely tiredness regularly even after sleeping for proper time.
  • Another symptom is that the snorer will have drowsiness throughout the day, will feel irritated, lack of concentration in work, or at school, anxiety, depression, and even lack of interest in libido.
  • Regular morning headaches is another snoring symptom. As a result of frequent interruption in breathing, sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain is not supplied. This results in having morning headaches.
  • Waking up with dry mouth is one most common symptom of snoring. Sometimes a snorer will also wake up with sore throat.

If you are an occasional snorer, then it is not serious issue. But, if you are snoring regularly, then it best to consult a doctor immediately as it can be underlying symptoms many dangerous health conditions.