Early To Sleep Reduces Worries and Increases Happiness

By on December 5, 2014

According to a new study, time of sleep and length of sleep of a person might make it difficult for that person to stop worrying. Researchers of this study suggested a link between late evenings to repetitive negative thoughts in a person.

His study was conducted by Jacob Nota and Meredith Coles and their colleagues at Binghamton University in USA. Findings of this study were in Springer’s journal “Cognitive Therapy and Research”.

They found out that sleeping for shorter periods and going to bed very lately most often will make that person overwhelmed with negative thoughts.

Early To Sleep Reduces WorriesIn general, when a person is having bothersome pessimistic thoughts going on in mind repeatedly will result in having repetitive negative thoughts. This makes them to feel as if that person doesn’t have any control over his/her thoughts.

Moreover, that person will be worrying more thinking about the future, delve more and more into the past, and ultimately experience annoying intrusive thoughts.

This type of thoughts are generally found in people with general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, major depressive disorder, and obsessive compulsory disorder. And one of the common symptoms found among these patients is to have sleeping problems.

It has been proved by many studies done earlier that there is link between repetitive negative thoughts and sleep problems, particularly in people who does not get enough sleep.

Nota and Coles set out to replicate these studies, and to further see is there any connection between experiencing such repetitive negative thoughts and the time when a person actually sleeps.

For this they asked a series of questions and two computerized tasks to 100 Binghamton University young adults. With this, they were able to measure how much a student worries, obsess or ruminates about something. These are the three measures with which repetitive negative thoughts of a person are guarded.

Sleep-wake schedules related questions were are asked to the student, which included whether they are were more habitual morning or evening types, prefer to maintain regular sleeping times, or to have sleep-wake schedule, which is more skewed towards later in the day.

From this, the researchers found out people who go to bed lately more often, and have sleep for shorter period trend to have more repetitive negative thoughts when compared to others. This was even same with the students who are evening types.

Nota remarks that people who are bothered with intrusive thoughts should make sure have sleep in proper time of the day, as it may be an inexpensive and easily disseminable intervention.

Furthermore, the findings of the study suggest that repetitive negative thoughts development is linked to sleep disruptions. Thus, Nota and Coles suggest that people who are at the risk of developing a disorder, which is characterized by such intrusive thoughts, will be getting benefited by focusing on getting proper and sufficient sleep.

Coles said that if further finds support relationship between sleep timing and development of repetitive negative thoughts, then it could result into development of new treatment for disorders, which is characterized by such intrusive thoughts.

Coles also added that studying the relationship between decrease in duration of sleep and psychopathology has demonstrated that symptoms of psychopathology can be reduced by focusing on sleep in clinic.

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