Effective Sleep Paralysis Treatment Options To Go For

By on June 4, 2016

Sleep paralysis involves the temporary loss of muscle functionality while sleeping. This usually happens when an individual tries to fall asleep or shortly after an individual has fallen asleep or while an individual tries to wake up.

This condition is generally experienced for the first time when a person is aged between 14 and 17 years. Sleep paralysis is a very common sleep condition with the episodes occurring along with another sleep disorder called narcolepsy.

Sleep paralysis is not a very dangerous condition but it can turn out to be alarming sometimes. Therefore, medical intervention for sleep paralysis treatment is very important.

Sleep Paralysis Treatment

Sleep Paralysis Treatment Options

Some of the best options for sleep paralysis treatment that works effective in managing the disorder are included below:

Avoiding The Potential Triggers

This is the very first treatment for sleep paralysis. Trying to minimize undue stress and sleep deprivation and avoiding various other triggers like sleeping on the back can help in treating the condition. following strict sleep hygiene instructions can also be of good help.


The people who have several episodes of sleep paralysis and find the condition intolerable can make use of medicines as an effective sleep paralysis treatment. The medication for sleep paralysis includes selective serotonin receptor inhibitor.

Other sleep disrupting conditions also need to be taken care of. Antidepressants can also be of good help in treating sleep paralysis. They work by changing the neurochemicals in the brain and thus help in preventing temporary paralysis while falling asleep.

Sleeping Habits

Sleep deprived people are the common victims of sleep paralysis and therefore it is necessary to follow a proper sleep routine and practice healthy sleeping habits for treating sleep paralysis. Getting enough sleep can help in reducing the number of sleep paralysis episodes that an individual can have.

There are some important tips that can be used for improving sleep habits and these include creating restful environment, exercising on a regular basis, ensuring that the bed is fully comfortable, not drinking alcohol or eating before bedtime and giving up smoke.

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