Effective Solutions For Teeth Grinding In Sleep To Use

By on April 23, 2016

There are a lot of people who do not have any idea about bruxism but they might be familiar with its behavior. The gnashing, clenching and grinding of teeth in sleep in called Bruxism. There are people who experience this problem even without realizing that they actually have this problem.

It is very important for people to have a clear understanding of the consequences of teeth grinding in sleep and the way in which it can affect the dental health of an individual. There are no definite treatment procedures that can be used for Bruxism but there are definitely some solutions that can prevent this condition.

Teeth Grinding In Sleep

Solutions For Teeth Grinding In Sleep

Let us have a look at some of best solutions for teeth grinding in sleep, which really works in preventing:

Occlusal Appliance

Occlusal appliances are also called occlusal splints, night guards, bite guards, bruxism appliances and bite plates. These work in the form of plastic mouth pieces specially fitted over the bottom or the top teeth. Making use of these devices can help in reducing the pain in the jaw muscles and in protecting the temporomandibular joint and the teeth.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can also be worn by people who grind their teeth at night. Mouth guards work like occlusal appliances by evening out the pressure on the jaw and creating a kind of physical obstacle between the lower and upper teeth for protecting the teeth from further damage.


Medicines are the best solutions for teeth grinding in sleep. NSAIDs or non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can effectively be used for treating teeth grinding and the associated pain. Muscle relaxants can also be prescribed for relieving the symptoms.

Jaw Exercises

Regular jaw exercises can also turn out to be very effective in treating teeth grinding conditions. There are specialized exercises recommended by chiropractors pr therapists that can provide the best results.


Crowing is an effective solution for teeth grinding caused due to a certain dental problem. However, you need to take the help of a dentist for this purpose.

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