Effective Tips For Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

By on June 29, 2016

The restless leg syndrome is experiencing a strong urge to move limbs due to tingling sensation, burning or gnawing sensation in the legs. This urge to move legs will relive the sensations. This urge to move limbs is more severe during evening hours and even during sleep.

When moving limbs in sleep, it in turn causes disturbance of sleep. Symptoms of restless leg syndrome vary from mild to severe. This is actually a neurological disorder, but as it results in disruption of sleep, it is also categorized as sleep disorder.

Restless leg syndrome relief is possible with taking oral supplements, medications like levodopa and physical activities. Physical activities play an important role in treatment.

Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

Tips For Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

Some important and useful tips for Restless Leg Syndrome relief naturally, which you can go for include:

Walking and Stretching

Walking and stretching are two important activities that can help in getting Restless Leg Syndrome relief because movement always helps people with restless legs. Exercising regularly during the day can also help in easing the nighttime symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Applying Cold Or Heat Compress

Heating pads, warm baths and hot compresses can always go a long way in offering good relief from restless leg syndrome. People suffering from this condition can also try cold showers and heat packs because these can also turn out to be effective treatments.

Taking Dietary Supplements

There are situations where restless leg syndrome might be caused by the deficiencies of essential minerals and vitamins like folic acid, iron, vitamin B and magnesium. In such circumstances, taking mineral and vitamin supplements can always help in relieving restless leg syndrome.

Remaining Aware Of The Triggers

RLS patients should always remain aware of the things that trigger their condition. They should try and maintain a diary where they can write down the different activities that they were involved in prior to identifying the RLS symptoms getting worse.

Sticking To A Schedule

This involves getting into bed at around the same time every night and getting a full night’s sleep regularly. Sticking to a schedule can always help in getting rid of restless leg syndrome in a healthy manner.

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