Effects Of Nightmare Disorder

By on March 12, 2012

Nightmare disorder is a kind of sleep disorder, which is also known by the name dream anxiety disorder. This is characterized by the repeated occurrence of dreams in which the sleeper feels frightened and threatened. The sense of that fear causes the sleeper to awake. Children are more prone to this sleep disorder. They may have nightmares as often as once or twice in a week.

Nightmares are the disturbing and sequences of visual dreams that you would see in your brain, and they may cause you to get up from sleep rapidly and makes you distress with some symptoms such as dilated pupils, fear, increased heart rate, sweating, and anxiety.

During the sleeping, the person with nightmare disorder, may move, and sometimes move slightly. In most of the cases, person with this disorder will remember the terrifying dream very vividly.

The main cause of this sleep disorder is anxiety and stress. Sometimes, the cause can be even due to some other mental disorder.

Effects Of Nightmare DisorderEffects of nightmare disorder include:

  • Due to nightmares, you may experience lack of sleep. Especially this is true if you have repeated nightmares, and if you are alone in the room. Nightmares can make you awake in the midnight and it is very difficult to go back to sleep.
  • Nightmare disorder can leave a very bad feeling. It is not to have about monsters, creatures, and vampires. And it could also be about broken dream and love lost. Even the situation that occurred in your dreams was not happened actually; still it would leave you a very heavy feeling, sometimes even causes anger, sadness and loneliness.
  • It would bring you back to your past. Your dreams may already have occurred long time ago in your life. After all, you have experienced something yourself. This is called as repressed trauma nightmare. Your experiences may have been hidden as time goes. However due to some unknown reasons, it would brought you to your past life.
  • Nightmare disorder may also cause heart attacks. Actually a number of people have died due to nightmares. If you have such kind of nightmare, your heart beat increases, causing the heart to really become slow down and tired.
  • It may also develop anxiety disorder in people. If it is not a heart attack, then definitely, you would develop some type of anxiety or paranoia disorder, especially If the dreams are becoming too much to handle.
  • Stress or post traumatic stress disorders are the common causes of nightmare disorder.

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