Effects Of Sleep Deprivation In Children We Should Aware Of

By on February 10, 2015

Most children by the age of 2 years would have spent 40% of these years sleeping. Sleeping is an important aspect of their life and it helps them in their mental and physical growth.

Medical experts explain that preschoolers needs around 11 to 13 hours of sleep while school goings kids need around 9 to 11 hours of sleep. When they do not sleep well they would suffer from effects of sleep deprivation in children.

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation In Children

What Are The Factors Behind A Child Not Sleeping Well?

A child might suffer from sleep deprivation due to various factors like

  • They might be stimulants in the room like a large TV which prevents him from sleeping.
  • The small child might consume caffeine and this would make him active.
  • The child has not been trained to sleep in a specific time of the night.
  • Your child might want one of his parents to sleep with him. This could be as he is scared of darkness or feels scared to sleep alone in a room.

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation In Children

When a child has not slept well in the night, then the effects would be as follows-

  • Sleeping during class time – One of the most common effects of sleep deprivation in children would be that he would be sleeping during the day in his classroom. He might also feel drowsy and not listen to what the teacher is teaching.
  • Inability to concentrate – When the child feels sleepy he would want to sleep. Here he would not be able to concentrate in the class and perform poorly in the activities undertaken in the classroom.
  • He would be irritated – Since he is unable to sleep he would be irritated and nurse a bad attitude in the school.
  • Low IQ – Researches undertaken at Virginia University indicate that lack of sleep in children creates low IQ in them.
  • Creates depression – When a child does not sleep well he might suffer from depression.
  • Loss of confidence – Sometimes the child might lose his confidence if he is suffering from sleep deprivation. This might make him an introvert.