Exploding Head Syndrome Symptoms and Causes

By on June 11, 2016

Exploding head syndrome or EHS is not a very serious condition. An individual suffering from this condition hears loud imagined sounds or noises like a gunshot, cymbal crash or bomb exploding. Individuals suffering from this condition might also experience explosive feelings when waking up or falling asleep.

Exploding head syndrome is a kind of unusual auditory hallucination occurring in people who do not tend to be fully awake. The cause and the mechanism of this problem are still not known. However, studies have concluded the fact that people who suffer from this syndrome also were the victims of isolated sleep paralysis.

Exploding Head Syndrome Symptoms

Common Exploding Head Syndrome Symptoms

People who experience exploding head syndrome will show the following exploding head syndrome symptoms:

  • Loud noise in the head like that of an explosion, gunshot, door slamming, roar and the like.
  • Palpitations
  • Video static light flash
  • Buzzing sensation
  • Shortness of breathe
  • Insomnia
  • Panic attacks

These are some of the most common exploding head syndrome symptoms. Now let us have a look at the causes of exploding head syndrome.

The Causes Of Exploding Head Syndrome

The main causes of exploding head syndrome symptoms are still not known but physicians have concluded that there is a co-relation between exploding head syndrome and extreme fatigue.

Exploding head syndrome is also linked to withdrawal from prescription drugs like SSRIs and benzodiazepines. The etiological reasons behind people suffering from this condition are perplexing and exact reasons are still not known.

However, there are some psychologists who have come up with the causes resulting in exploding head syndrome.

The causes include fatigue, anxiety, damage to the nerve cells of the brain, stress, twitch or muscle jerk and damage to temporal lobe. These causes need to be understood very well in order to get the best treatment for this condition.

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