Famous Actors Who Died Due to Sleeping Pills Overdose

By on September 24, 2013

Sleeping pills overdose is most common among famous actors as the cause of their sudden death. This can be their way of coping up with their work stress, financial problems or any other disturbances in their lives. Here is the list of top actors and actresses who died of sleeping pills overdose:

1. Clara Blandick

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Clara Blandick

She was an American actress, popularly known for her role as Auntie En in 1939 film. She died on April 15th 1962. She committed suicide as she took an overdose of sleeping pills. At the age of 81 and following a Palm Sunday church service, she took an overdose of sleeping pills and lay down on her couch.

Also she left a note in which she stated that “I am now going to do a great adventure. I can’t endure this distressing pain any more. It’s all over my body. I pray the Lord my soul to take. Amen.”

2. Heath Ledger

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Heath Ledger

He was an Australian actor and director. After doing the roles in Australian television and films, he left for US in 1998 to brighten up his acting career. He died from an accidental overdose of both prescription and non-prescription pills, and sleeping pills. He was naked and unconscious on the floor at the foot of his bedin his apartment at Manhattan.

3. Marguerite “Maggie” McNamara

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Marguerite McNamara

She was an American film, stage, model and television actress. After retiring from her acting career, she worked as a typist for her rest of the life. In 1978, she was found dead in her New York City apartment due to the overdose of sleeping pills and she also left a suicide note. According to the reports, she had a history of mental illnesses.

4. Sybille Schmitz

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Sybille Schmitz

She was a prominent actress in the German film industry. She was beset with drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, and various suicide attempts. Her negative behavior and affairs with both men and women further isolatedthe actress from film industry and her husband. In 1955, she committed suicide with sleeping pills overdose.

5. Miroslava Stern

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Miroslava Stern

Miroslava won the beauty content and started to study acting. She acted in various Mexican films and also did few Hollywood films. In 1955 she was offered a role in film Ensayo de uncrimen. Soon after the final wrap of the film, she committed suicide with sleeping pills overdose.

6. Grant Withers

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Grant Withers

He was one of the famous American actors and he has suffered from severe back problems. With failing health, he committed suicide by overdosing sleeping pills. He left a suicide note that read “Please forgive me, and my family. I was so hopeless. It’s better this way.”

7.Marilyn Monroe

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Marilyn Monroe

She was a famous sex symbol actress dead at the age of 36 at Los Angeles in her home early in the morning. Reports showed the cause of death as presenceof higher levels of two barbiturates in the blood. People believe it as an accidental overdose or a murder.

8. Anna Nicole Smith

She was a famous actress, American model, and television personality. She also served as model for several clothing companies. She was involved in several controversies that she married to a 62 years old business man for money.

Sleeping Pills Overdose Deaths - Anna Nicole Smith

After his death, Smith started a lengthy legal battle over his money. In 2007, Smith was found dead in Hollywood, Florida. She died because of combined drug intoxication with sleeping pills.

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